Getting An Agency Started Is Easy. BUT....having a Constant Supply of LEADS Is Another Problem In Itself.
Does Lead Generation Frustrate You?
From: Aaron James
RE: Going from $0 to 6 FIGURES in Record Time!
Dear: Digital Agency Entrepreneur,
If you want a constant supply of local small business leads...

never to have to make a cold cold...

and want your leads to be EXCITED when you contact them...
Then this will be the most important letter you read all year! Here’s why...
Austin Lake
”I just contact one of the free business leads and he is sending me business owner after business owner.” [Press Play]
97% of Agency Entrepreneurs are failingat generating leads for
ONE BIG reason...
WRONG WAY >> Most People Just Run FB Ads and Incur The Expense Into Their Business. 

There are only so many hours in a day and you didn't start your business to work more! Most people will not make 6 figures in their business because they lack the money to spend on ads and lack the knowledge to build a system to actually makes you money when you do paid advertising. 

I remember the days and nights living in my parents basement. I even tried setting up 3 computers so I could keep hustling more. I would be prospecting on one and doing the work on the other. Only to end up in vicious dead-end circles.
” I’m I got 2 clients with my first $10 and made $1500. I spent another $10 and made $2,000.“                                           [Press Play]
I remember getting my first client. I was so excited that I couldn't believe I could build my own business from just a laptop!

But hustling everyday trying to build my business exhausted me. I would spend much time finding the leads then I had to do the work. Next thing I know, my pipeline drys out and I'm almost back to square one.
It's wasn't til one day when I stumbled across a very little know secret strategy in the digital marketing world.
I didn't have much money to keep spending on ads, but that's when I figured out a system to not only get leads for free, but actually make money while acquiring them.

Over the next 2 years was nothing short of a miracle, I went on to get bigger and bigger clients. Eventually landing major Fortune 500 clients.
“The Small Business Directory Program is pure genius! There is no better way to connect and meet small business owners than by offering them a free directory listing! Follow the step by step program and sit back and the small business leads just come in!” [Press Play]
Let me reintroduce myself
It was just a couple years ago when I was living in my parents basement. My father suggested I find God. After joining a local church I got baptized and continued on to get my certificate in ministry.

I started the Small Business Deacon to serve local mom & pop business owners. Over the next 2 years was nothing short of a miracle, I went on to acquire bigger and bigger clients. Eventually landing major Fortune 500 clients, a Professional Sports League, 2 major Cities, and even a Country.
And now, I want to help YOU get small business owner leads on demand so that you can FINALLYget the success you deserve!
I’ve taken everything I’ve learned over 3 years building Local Business Directories all over the country landing major clients like the City of Denver CO, Boulder County CO, State of Arizona along with HUNDREDS of small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and distilled it down into the most simple software that will allow ANYONE to open FLOOD GATES for ANY Agency's Lead Generation.


Here’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
OfWhat You Get :
Your OWN Local Business Directory!
There is nothing more POWERFUL when you speak to a prospect from a position of power and a position where THEY WANT SOMETHING FROM YOU!!!
LIVE Support M-F 11AM-4PM EST
Never again be alone as a digital marketer. Not only to we have LIVE support but we have fully integrated 'TOURS' that guide you step by step to setting up anything!
Email Opt-In & Lead Generation Popups!
With a highly efficient and easy editor, you can create an attractive popup or an opt-in form that converts visitors into leads, subscribers, and customers. 
Custom CSV Lead Importer!
Getting leads is quick and easy! Upload any CSV lead lists from any provider makes customizing your Directory for your niche and/or local as simple as it can get!
Capture Leads with Social Logins!
It has NEVER BEEN EASIER to capture leads! Your prospects have the option to register with 1 Click!  When signup is this easy, leads just POUR IN!

Even More Features!!

Earn money

  • Paid listings
  • Promoted listings
  • Create Packages

User Dashboard

  • Listing statistics for each user
  • Manage and edit listings
  • Promotions 

Search Capabilities

  • Google Maps Integration
  • Location Search by Proximity
  • Geolocation and Nearby Listings

Listing Features

  • Reviews & Comments
  • Related Listings
  • Star Ratings
Success From Others Just Like You!
Kiss Lead Generation GOODBYE!
Start Your Own Directory 
Never worry about leads every again!


No Credit Card Needed For Signup!
Take 3 Free Days To Check It Out!

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